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Wonders - The Sound of Arrows - Voyage

Soaring to skyscraper heights on its sci-fi electropop platform, Wonders is a song that embraces its title of miscellaneous inspiration. Immersive, suggestive, brightly burning, this four-minute melodious magnificence of dancefloor exaltation vividly recalls an eighties glamour, sweeping you up with such driving inertia and yearning vitality that when the music ends you seem to be abruptly dropped, breathless and panting, in a solitary space where you are left only — as the title so auspiciously augured — wondering.

After the short, dreamy lull of a capacious intro the song quickly builds its momentum with deftly crescendoing synths and driving beats. A dance fest feels imminent, but the chord progression drifts downwards, pausing pensively, weighed with some more significant emotion. The vocals join in, intimate and subdued, bearing a slight gender ambivalence and lingering mellifluously on hopefully striving lyrics (“don’t give it up / you’ve got much more to live”). Then the song ramps and bursts into its excited, dance-minded refrain, but here the lyrics betray the song’s emotional core as the singer yearns for the better times of a lost era (“I’ll never forget / the way of the world”, “when we were together / I long to return”). Then, as our anticipation reaches its height, the fatal lyric sounds (“back when you were mine!”) exploding the song into a cascading firework show of beautiful synths that soar through celebratory longings and rocket us to remarkable heights. Even as more subdued verses return, this epic elevation of emotion is maintained by heavily rolling beats, shooting space noises, and cosmic booms, engendering a state of wondrous feeling that’s hard to come down from.

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