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Endless Summer - The Jezabels - Prisoner

The romantic potency of the title ‘Endless Summer’ is well captured by this track from four-piece Sydney band The Jezabels. Mixing lonesome melancholy with reverberant guitar riffs and laden with nostalgic thirst, this distinctive work of alternative rock burns with the sort of sentiment aroused by those idealized passages of time we wished we could have held onto forever. 

Though the song starts off jarringly, its strident distortions, abrupt drums and brash symbols soon fade way, melding swiftly into the solitary, throaty throes of singer Haley Mary’s melodious croon. A somewhat clever juxtaposition, the release from stridency sets you up to be pensively caught in the deep lull of these commendable vocals. Sounding low and husky with labored femininity during the verses, but swooping up during the chorus to belt out lasting rock-cries, her voice carries you through most of the suggestive yearning, nostalgia and insatiate passion that the piece evokes. Even when the strident layers rebound to augment the chorus, her voice blends them into a melody, as though their discordancy was simply the result of a missing, key element.

The lyrics are not necessarily straightforward but seem to relate the agonies and ecstasies of a love-gone-by. The intro to the chorus (“You came home for the endless summer”) and the repeated refrain at the end (“Stay with me, here in the endless summer / the endless summer in my mind!”) are the most suggestive thematically. Other lyrics are more esoteric, but interestingly evocative in their imagism (“feasting tendrils of light”, “black witches hold my hand”). They leave something mysterious lingering in their wake, something of that endless summer imparted in the mind.

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